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Application Description

Get the best mobile Bible experience available today. AcroBible for iPad is a native iPad application designed to provide the same great experience as the built-in applications. The touch interface makes it easy to search and navigate the Bible.

NEW: Purchase the ESV, NAS from the in-app store from $5 each (USD).

You do not need a Internet connection to read the Bible in AcroBible. The entire text is stored on the device.

Program Features

  • Two-column layout
  • Complete Old and New Testaments
  • Fast keyword, phrase, or wildcard search
  • Create and manage bookmarks
  • Personalize verses with your own notes
  • Copy verses to clipboard
  • Highlight verses in any of six colors
  • Verse tagging
  • Free add-on translations: KJV, ASV, WEB, YLT, RVA, AA
  • Free study tools: Greek NT, Mathew Henry's Concise Commentary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Thompson Topics, KJV with Strong's, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary

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